Gamato welcomes court decision

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato has welcomed the decision by the Supreme Court, handed down May 31st, which now allows the Local-level Government elections to proceed without further delay.

The Supreme Court bench comprising of three judges unanimously ruled in favour of PNG Electoral Commission and its application to have the Supreme Court orders of 25 April 2019 set aside.

In welcoming the decision, Gamato said he would propose new dates for the LLG elections next week for the Minister for Inter-Government Relations to approve for gazettal.

“Once the minister approves the new dates, the Electoral Commission will go straight into accepting of nominations since the writs have already been issued.”

Gamato said now that the Supreme Court has given the all-clear for the LLG elections to go ahead, all the 20 provincial electoral offices nationwide are on standby to conduct the elections.

Press release