Gamato clarifies confusion on ballot papers

Candidates’ photographs are not printed on the ballot papers, says Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato.

Gamato has clarified that the ballot papers had already been printed before candidates’ nomination for the 2017 National Elections had opened.

“Candidate photographs are not placed on the ballot papers and are different from candidate posters,” the EC said.

“Candidate posters will contain candidate photographs and code numbers, which will be allocated after the order of draw when nominations close on April 27, 2017.”

The Electoral Commissioner said this was the same practice that was applied in the 2007 and 2012 elections.

PNGEC public relations officer, Alphonse Muapi, told Loop PNG: “Candidate posters are generated and produced separately, and contain candidate photos, their names and code numbers allocated after the order of draw at the close of nominations.

“Candidate posters will be printed and placed inside polling booths (voting compartments) for voters to see and correctly mark their three preferences on the ballot papers.

“Candidate posters will also be placed around the polling places for voters to see their preferred candidates before they go in and cast their votes.”

The Governor-General will issue the Election Writs for the 111 seats of the National Parliament this Thursday in Port Moresby, which will open the nomination for intending candidates. 

(Picture sourced from PNG Electoral Commission)

Charles Yapumi