Election Preparations Underway

Preparations for the 2022 National General Elections are underway in accordance with the Constitution, electoral laws and regulations.

The Electoral Commission’s strategic plan, operational plans, and timelines, adhere to the electoral legal framework.

The Electoral Commission, the electoral authority, established under Section126 of the Constitution is tasked with organizing and conducting national elections and local-level government elections.

The Commission in a statement has confirmed that the preparation for the national elections this year is well underway.

Hence, the Electoral Commission seeks to uphold, promote, and enforce the constitutional rights of citizens to enroll and vote, and of citizens to stand for public office at genuine, periodic, and credible elections.

PNGEC also works to uphold the constitutional rights to freedom of assembly and association, expression, information, and other rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

PNGEC implements the Electoral Cycle approach. Key elements that the PNG Electoral Commission does implement include:

  • Roll Update
  • Candidate Nomination
  • Polling
  • Counting and Results
  • Return of Writs
  • Electoral Dispute Resolution; and
  • Reform

The PNGEC has encouraged first-time youth voters who are the key priority for the Roll Update Exercise must make sure their names were in the roll to vote.

PNGEC also pointed out that there are many people between the ages of 18-34 years who needed to enroll.

PNGEC has encouraged all first-time youth voters to participate in the Roll Update exercise, as it is important that young people can enroll as required by the electoral law AND participate in the democratic process.

Freddy Mou