Candidates must have respect for community

“A true leader will respect others.”

NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi stated this when he called on all NCD regional and open intending candidates to abide by rules and regulations during the election period.Turi spoke with Loop PNG about election operations in place, in anticipation of the start of nominations this Thursday (April 20) in the nation’s capital.

He made special mention on the scrutineers and supporters that frequent the streets in trucks with loud hailers, calling on them to be mindful of the times that they carry out this form of campaigning.

Campaigning should not lead to instances of noise pollution or harassment, which see the trucks going into residential areas late into the night or during the early hours of the day.

Turi suggested that campaigners can do “call-outs or shout outs” from 7am till 5pm, then after that they should consider other tactics to advertise their candidates.

“All vehicles must abide by the traffic rules and regulations as well and respect other road users,” he said.




Julianna Waeda