We need time to recover, students tell UPNG administration

​“This is not a forum. This a public show of emotion and solidarity.”

This was what a UPNG student, painted in red earth, told those gathered at the Forum Square at the main Waigani campus.

“These are not only Engan students. Boys from Momase and other regions are also in the group,” he said, referring to the students who had rubbed red earth from their faces down to their waistline.

The group of more than 40 students has increased to more than a hundred. They are displaying their grief at what had transpired last Wednesday.

“We need the administration to understand that we have to recover from what had happened last week,” another student said.

 “We thought the police were going to help us but instead, they turned around and attacked us.” The students said they are not ready to go to class.

They are currently gathered at the Forum Square.

Carmella Gware