Wayagure: Gulf Police communications need reviewing

Police reporting processes and protocols will be given a major over haul in the next few months in Gulf Province.

Provincial police commander Silas Wayagure informed PNG Loop this is one major area which he sees as an impediment after assuming  office in the Gulf Province.

Wayagure says he will review existing reporting and communication tools in place by carrying out an audit which will also highlight areas he will need to work on.

He  expounds  that currently there is a very slow and at some remote places non-existent communication aids in place.

The PPC says that most of the police radios systems have all deteriorated which makes it a challenge for most of the reports of major incidences to be reported to him.

For now, most reports are coming into his office via landline calls and mobile phone updates which is good only when the land line is working or provided the mobile coverage is good and credits or mobile units are available.

Wayagure says despite all these challenges he has commended his rural commanders and police officer  for making the most of the situation on hand.

Julianna Waeda