Values common from sport stars to public servants

Values learnt on the sports field are also the generic behaviours of good business leaders and public servants.

That is from Australian High Commission’s Minister-Counsellor Governance, Rodney Hilton at the Leadership4Life event for the Pacific Games.

He says leadership is about initiative, action, courage and teamwork and that good leaders inspire and support those around them so they can achieve common goals.

“Leaders are accountable and demand accountability in others. Good leaders also demonstrate ethical behaviour. They resist temptation and are committed to carrying out their professional duties with legal and moral integrity. They uphold society’s values and speak out when others fail to do so,"  says Hilton.

He says ethics and values are equally important in company board rooms as in elite competition.

He says Australia is proud to support the GoPNG-led Pacific Leadership and Governance Precinct initiative, which will strengthen values-based leadership.

“The precinct is a path breaking initiative to support PNG’s vision of a more professional and ethical public service. The precinct is set to play a significant role in developing future leaders of PNG and in time it will become a truly regional initiative providing leadership training for people from across the Pacific region.” Hilton says.