UPNG quiet since 7pm

The University of Papua New Guinea’s main Waigani campus has been very quiet since 7pm yesterday.

Almost 90 percent of the student body had left while only a few remained. Less than 15 female students had spent the night on campus. Uniforce guards locked the gate to the senior female’s hall of residence at 8pm, when the gate normally shuts at 11pm.

The police had exited the main campus by 6.30pm.

Apart from the occasional sound of the guards’ vehicles patrolling the campus until daybreak, all was deathly quiet.

“I didn’t sleep well last night. I was too scared,” a female student told Loop PNG. “One small sound would jolt me awake.”

The mess was open this morning for the remaining student body while the rest of the institution’s offices will remain closed.

“We will meet tomorrow and decide if it’s safe to come to work or not,” a staff told Loop.

Police are manning the entrances into campus.

(The main UPNG campus this morning.)

Carmella Gware