Undialu asked to make up mind on Hela Governor’s battle

The National Court have asked the member for Koroba Kobiago, Philip Undialu to make up his mind, whether to pursue fighting the Hela Governor seat in the National Court or the Supreme Court.

Justice Collin Makail, presiding over another motion over the Hela Governor seat told Undialu’s lawyer to ask his client to not pursue the same issue in different Courts.  

At the National Court, Undialu is attempting to restrain the member for Komo Magarima, Francis Potape, from exercising the powers and functions of a Governor, following the Sept 13 Provincial Assembly meeting that saw the members of the assembly voting him as the new Hela Governor.

During that meeting, Undialu together with Tari Pori MP, James Marape and the Clerk of the Hela Provincial Assembly were not present.

In the Supreme Court, Undialu wanted to review the Sept 6 decision of Justice Collin Makail, who ordered for a proper and lawful Provincial Assembly meeting to vote a new governor.

Justice Makail is currently sitting for the motion to restrain the powers and functions of Potape as the Governor.

Today, he asked why the same issue is being pursued at both Courts.

Lawyer representing Undialu in response, says, the Supreme Court Appeal, will depend on the outcome of the National Court.

Justice Makail, however, told him this is an abuse of court processes to try the same issue in both the National and Supreme Court. 

He further added that Judges’ Time is taken up trying to resolve this dispute that was supposed to be resolved long time ago.

The proceeding in the National Court will reconvene on the 4th of October 2016 with the matter in the Supreme Court also expected to be listed next week. 

Charmaine Poriambep