Tonga’s PM says it’s better for Fiji or Samoa to host 2019 Pacific Games

Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pōhiva in a televised program with Radio Tonga has said that he thinks it is better to let Fiji and Samoa host the 2019 Pacific Games because they can afford it.

He is adamant that Tonga cannot host the sports because Tonga’s Organizing Committee and sports bodies are not efficient in their managing of sports in Tonga because there are more losses than wins.

Mr Pohiva said, when competing in international events such as boxing, netball, rugby union and league and Tonga’s teams were all defeated.

He said, this was embarrassing results for Tonga where their pride were trodden under.

The Prime Minister said, many sports organizations in Tonga have borrowed money from Government and were not able to pay them back.

He emphasized that his government has other more important visions and the Sports 2019 was not their making but the administration before them and he believes there is a lot of expenses that Tonga cannot afford.

Meanwhile, a representative from the inter-colleges sports committee said, they were looking forward to the 2019 Pacific Games and hoped that the experiences and the facilities will help boost the standard of sports in Tonga.

He added, there are lots of work needed to improve sports in Tonga but it’s disappointing to know that Tonga is letting go of the 2019 Games.

He also mentioned that Tongans have talents in international sporting events such as weight lifting, javelin and hammer throwing which are yet to be introduced.

In parliament yesterday, the number one Nobles Representative of Vava’u – Lord Tu’i’āfitu – made a statement in Parliament that sports had generated a lot of income for local families and it is important that Tonga does not dwell on the athlete’s failures but help them improve their talents.

The former Minister of Internal Affairs – Fe’ao Vakatā also said that about TOP$14 million received annually by the kingdom from Tongan contracted players abroad.

He also urged members to seriously consider this very important issue for the best interest of the country.