Tomscoll urges students to be successful

"Where are you coming from? And where are you going to?"

This was a challenge to the UPNG school of Business Administration graduants by the Minister for Agriculture and Livestock  Tommy Tomscoll during the UPNG 61st graduation ceremony.

The Minister urged the graduants to be successful and responsible in life after leaving the campus.

"Papua New Guinea is your country and your future lies in Papua New Guinea and what then is your responsibilities to PNG?"

Minister Tomscoll questioned the students. Elaborating that “you can’t miss responsibilities as long as you are alive as success and responsibilities work together,” he told the graduating students.

Adding that the country will benefit out of your success.

"Papua New Guinea is your country and your actions after graduating here will determine the success of this country as well as the country will ride on your success," Minister Tomscoll stressed. "Therefore, the notion of where are you coming from?

And where you going to? Is a notion to be successful and be responsible to your country’s success," he added.

“However, oneness is a great motivator to move forward and the name Papua New Guinea is all about One Country and One People that will work together for the country’s success,” the Minister  told the graduating class.

Lamech Jinimbo