Selling flowers keeps families going

For 16 years, two married couples have looked after their family in Port Moresby by selling pot plants and flower decorations.

Jerry Are and his wife Jenny share similar stories like many unemployed people in the city who have left their village for the capital city, searching for opportunities for a better life.

The couple told Loop PNG that their informal business of selling pot plants and flower cuttings had helped them to survive in the city but they want the city authorities to assist them to expand their trade.

 “We thank NCDC for allowing us to market at roadsides, but we need a proper market place, training and funding to grow our business,” Jerry said in Tok Pisin.

He said that they earn more money during weekends than on a normal working day.

“We can earn K700-K1000 on weekends alone.”

Their  main customers are churches, offices and people finding flower cutting and pot plants for weddings and celebrations decoration.


Charles Yapumi