Seasonal outlook forum to be hosted annually

A seasonal outlook forum will now be hosted annually to look at how Papua New Guinea can effectively address natural hazards and disasters.

The forum was initiated by the Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System (RIMES).

It is a platform for interface between the National Weather Service and Geo-Hazards Management Division (GMD) and user institutions.

These include various government institutions like Center for Environment Protection Authority (CEPA), Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) and Department of Agriculture and Livestock (DAL). 

RIMES institutional development specialist Ruby Policarpio said through these forums they’re looking at building capacity for user institutions to integrate climate information like seasonal outlooks.  

She said they’re also looking at capacity building of national meteorological services and GMD in shaping products that respond to user requirements.

“We are looking at enhancing the existing capacities, not establishing new ones but harnessing capacities available in PNG.

“The forum aims to put forward a platform where scientific and user institutions talk together and discuss what could be done better to address natural hazards like El Nino and flooding,” she said.

Discussions will also be on how a simple farmer and people who are doing small businesses can gain better understanding of seasonal outlooks distributed by the weather services.

This will enable them to plan ahead on planting times so that they won’t be affected by natural hazards.

Policarpio added that the seasonal forum is intended to be a continuous process.

She said RIMES commitment is with the PNG government in ensuring that this process goes on until PNG can integrate into national systems.

Quintina Naime