Sawmill operator supports govt’s SME policy

The National Government is strongly pursuing its small to medium enterprises (SME) policy at the national level, and the policy should be driven with same aggressiveness in the provinces.

That is the view of a community leader, Ben Sawe from the Buiyebi area of Imbonggu district, Southern Highlands Province.

Sawe said the Government’s SME policy is an excellent initiative, not only to be concentrated in big cities, town and urban areas, but also pursued in the districts and local communities.

He suggested that the way to make the policy work is to create practical opportunities for the rural and ordinary grassroots majority who live in the outlying zones of the country.

Sawe said this when thanking the Member for Imbonggu, Francis Awesa for providing K75,000 assistance to buy a new portable sawmill machine.

He said the machine will be used to cut local timber for people to build permanent houses at reasonable cost as well as for other purposes.

Sawe said acquiring the machine, four men including himself have been trained to operate the machine with five more to be trained.

 “We’re very grateful for Francis Awesa to providing funding for the portable sawmill, which will be used to cut local timber and sell,” he said.

Sawe said such small projects and business activities will help contribute and promote the government policy on SME.

“The Government should stop concentrating on spending millions of kina in Port Moresby alone on big infrastructure, but pump more to districts PNG-wide.

“Put more money in the rural communities and districts, because that is where the bulk of the population live.

“Generally speaking, people in the rural areas and villages are those who want to remain there and do the hard work for themselves, their families and communities,” he said.

Henzy Yakam