Regional hubs to be created to boost tourism

Tourism regional hubs will be created throughout the 22 provinces to boost tourism in Papua New Guinea.

Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture Tobias Kulang said most of the tourism destinations and sites are located in the provinces.

Kulang said these hubs will enable the Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) to pay close attention to developing these tourism destinations and sites.

Kulang added that they require the partnership of the provincial governments and district development authorities to partner with them through these regional hubs.

“We need to transfer some of the responsibilities back to the local governments and authorities as they stand to benefit directly from the economic return created by tourism,” Kulang said.

Branding and accreditation will be the next step going forward in product development initiatives and efforts.

“We must have national accreditation programs for our infant and developing products.

“However, we must also subject some of our matured products like Kokoda, Tufi Dive Resort and Walindi Dive Resort to some of the internationally recognised accreditation scheme so we can be a truly internationally competitive destination,” Kulang said.

Picture courtesy of Blue water dive travel

Picture of Walindi Dive Resort

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