Re-count of Kandep seat starts tomorrow

The Court ordered re-count of Kandep Open Seat will start tomorrow at Wabag Secondary in Enga Province, confirms Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato.

Gamato told Loop PNG this afternoon that the delay in starting the re-count was because of the delay in securing a venue that is why the recount of ballot papers will start on Thursday.

He added that the Slip Rule Application by lawyer representing Opposition Leader and Kandep MP Don Polye will not affect the start of counting.

“Meanwhile there is slip rule application before the supreme court but had being adjourned to Monday so that does not stop us from doing the recount, it will continue until the court decides otherwise,” Gamato said told Loop PNG.  

He added that there is now security threat and he expects the recount to be completed within 7 days and not 10-12 days as earlier estimated.

“Expecting seven days, earlier on I said 10-12 days but my officers have told me they can take it down to seven days,” Gamato said.

Polye is still the Kandep MP as the re-count will be done for the 2012 election ballot papers after a successful petition by Alfred Luke Manase.  


Charles Yapumi