Police union threaten to go on strike

The police union says a strike is on the cards if the Government of the day entertains the removal of Police Commissioner Gari Baki.

Police Association president Lowa Tambua says the union is closely monitoring the situation tipped for the reshuffle of the top police boss.

Tambua said the rumoured removal is of no benefit to the force.

The union, with its 3000-plus members, is on standby to be withdrawn if the Government removes Baki.

Tambua added that the union has it on good authority the removal of Baki, which he says will cause instability among the rank and file.

"The union stands ready to make a bold statement by telling the Government to not interfere with the running of the force," the union president said.

Tambua warned that if the rumours are real then the Government should not buy into such pressures from coalition partners or other political groupings.

He added that they anticipate more word tomorrow after they meet and liaise with other union groups.

Julianna Waeda