Police serves eviction notice to illegal settlers

The Madang Provincial Government along with Police have issued a 30-day eviction notice to eight illegal settlements in Madang town yesterday.

Madang provincial police commander Superintendent Jacob Singura, who is the chairman of the Law and order Committee, told Loop PNG the news today.

Superintendent Singura says the eviction notice started yesterday and will go for 30 days. He urged the illegal settlers who squatted on state land in and around town to comply with the notice and move out before the given period ends.

Banana Block, Kina Beach front, Finch road, the settlement behind the School of Nursing and in front of the Police Barracks and others along North Coast Road will be removed to make space for MPG to develop the land.

“Those residing on state land must know and comply with the order given by the government of the day and move out within the 30-day period.

“Failure to comply with the notice will result in forceful eviction,” Singura said.

When asked about Gavstoa and other settlements in town, Singura said some settlements have been identified and are marked as genuine, where the government will relocate them in the near future to make way for development.

“The provincial government has plans to build roads from Nabase across Gavstoa to the airport and those residing there will be relocated once the government decides on the relocation venue,” he said.

The identified eight settlements are the government’s and police paramount concern.

Singura further added that the decision was passed by the Madang Provincial Administration and the Local MP for Madang, Nixon Duban, and Police will follow the direction given.

Reuben Tabel