Police boss vow to handle police abuse complaints

NCD Central police commander Sylvester Kalaut says that matters of police abuse and negligence on the job will be dealt with by him personally.

In a media brief this afternoon, he challenged media to help him by facilitating for complaints to come to his office so that he can deal with them.

He mentioned last night’s (9th January) arrest of a police woman in relation to the Condom case was an example of evidence needed by police to act fast and solve a case.

Kalaut says that with the help of the victim herself, police went back and checked the duty roster once they confirmed the date of the incident.

From there, Kalaut says that the investigators started singling out people and managed to make the arrest of the policewoman last night after she was identified.

The commander says that this is  why he kept asking for people to help arrange for the girl to come forward when the case broke out so that police could work with actual evidence that was not based on public hearsay.

The main suspect, the police man in the video, will be brought down from the Southern Highlands and is also anticipating new charges based on the facts on hand.

Julianna Waeda