Plus-size model shamed for weight loss

Ashley Graham is used to being body shamed, but not for being too small.

The plus-sized model who made the cover of Sports Illustrated's latest swimsuit edition recently shared some images showing off a more svelte physique.

"Where are your curves?! " one person commented on a photo showing Graham wearing a white, fitted knit crop top and skirt along with a cropped black jacket.

"You did lose a lot of weight," another wrote. "I am no longer a fan of yours. You betrayed a lot of people!"

The model was also singled out on Twitter after user @fashionfoiegras tweeted, "Has anyone else noticed that when #plussize models become mainstream they quickly lose the plus that makes them plus size?!"

"I noticed that too," another user tweeted. “Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence, I am looking at you."

Graham has been on the opposite end of body image bullying before.

In March, model Cheryl Tiegs faced backlash after she suggested Graham's larger frame was unhealthy.

"Her face is beautiful, beautiful," Tiegs said. "But I don't think it's healthy in the long run."

Tiegs later apologized.