Papua New Guinea to welcome high-level trade and investment mission

Papua New Guinea (PNG) will welcome a distinguished group of business leaders to Port Moresby in October for a high-level investment mission.

Organized by DMA, the visit will include some of the world’s biggest companies.

The visit will also provide a unique opportunity for the PNG government to secure new investments and deepen relationships with the biggest international blue-chip companies.

The trade mission is a follow up to DMA’s highly successful UK-PNG Trade & Investment Forum, held in London earlier this year.

In line with the Government agenda for attracting international investors, the mission is designed to allow for substantive and meaningful engagement with the government, for both established international companies and potential new investors.

“Stability, responsible management and growth is what we offer to you” states Peter O’Neill in his recent visit to the UK. “

“Papua New Guinea is open for business and I invite you and your colleagues to join us in maximizing these opportunities together.”

During the course of the trade mission, DMA (supported by FCO & UKTI) will host meetings with the Prime Minister and his cabinet as well as arrange sector specific roundtables and 1-2-1 meetings to take place in the margins.

Key sectors such as agriculture, energy, infrastructure and tourism will be represented in what is the first ever UK trade mission to PNG.

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