Opposition files notice to move no-confidence motion against government

The Opposition in its third attempt has filed a Notice of a Motion for a Vote of No-Confidence at 10:15am this morning.

Deputy Opposition Leader, Sam Basil delivered the notice to the Speaker’s Office today.

He was accompanied by the member for Lae, Loujaya Kouza.

He called a media conference right after this and announced the opposition’s move to overthrow the O’Neill Dion government.

Basil is hopeful that this notice will be entertained after two failed attempts.

Shadow Attorney General and Member for Rabaul, Dr Alan Marat in explaining the process said the private business committee of  Parliament will meet tomorrow and deliberate on the notice.

And if satisfied, the notice will go before parliament and the speaker is expected to give notice on Thursday of the impending vote of no-confidence before parliament adjourns for a week and resumes for the Vote of no-confidence after that.

Dr Marat challenged the Government to allow this motion to go through and for them to show their numbers on the floor of Parliament.

He said this was the only opportune time for the country to know whether the people still had confidence for the government or not.

Ruth Rungula