O’Neill calls on Polye to stop ‘passing the buck’

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has told Opposition Leader Don Polye to stop asking questions about the country’s economy as he (Polye) was one of the leaders in the previous government that made decisions the country is going through now.

O’Neill was referring to Polye’s questions on the issue of unpaid entitlements to Nambawan Super customers.

He told Parliament that Polye was in the government during that time from 2002-2010 and had not made any attempt to pay the contributors.

O’Neill said the Government has been up to date from 2010 until now to pay the contributors.

“Don’t ask questions when you have a long record of being in government and neglected everything and coming to Parliament and grandstanding everything,” O’Neill said.

He said the government is trying to fix his (Polye) problem but he is not participating but all he does was to spoil the government of the day.

However, Polye told O’Neill that he was the one along with Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare who taught him how to manage and run the country’s economy where he is benefitting from it now.

At the same time Sir Michael raised a Point of Order asking for a clear statement about the country’s economy from the Treasurer Patrick Pruaitch and PM O’Neill.

The parliament was adjourned to 10am tomorrow.

Freddy Mou