New SNS Supermarket to create employment

The two additional Stop N Shop (SNS) Supermarkets when operating in Port Moresby will create additional jobs for Papua New Guineans.

City Pharmacy Group CEO Ravi Singh said a combined 627 Papua New Guineans will work in Koki and Konedobu supermarkets.

“The total number of PNG citizens employed by CPL is about 3,000 people, and about 98 percent of the workforce.”

The supermarkets chain is CPL Group’s subsidiaries.   

Today saw the opening of the refurbished and modern-look SNS Koki Supermarket which took close to a year to refurbishment and give it a modern set up.  

The Konedobu outlet will be opened next month, increasing the franchise supermarket chain to eight operating in Port Moresby.  

CPL will rent the property which is owned by East New Britain Provincial Government business arm, East New Britain Development Corporation.     

CPL is eyeing more stores in the nation’s capital because of its growing middle class population. 

 “We have central distribution warehouse based in Port Moresby, Port Moresby is a growing city, its population is increasing plus people are consuming more when population goes up,” Singh said.       

“So using our central warehouse to open multiple stores in Port Moresby, Koki today, Harbour City (Konedobu) in four weeks’ time and also (eyeing) other sites in Port Moresby.

Charles Yapumi