New buildings for Omai Health Centre

The financial assistance from the Member for Imbonggu Francis Awesa has made it possible for a rural health centre along the Mt Hagen-Mendi highway to replace its old bush buildings with permanent material.

Until recently, the much-needed basic health services were provided from an old run down bush material building (pictured) and the medical officer accommodated in another bush material house.

That are things of the past now since Awesa first provided a K200,000 financial assistance in 2009 for the construction of a new permanent health centre building.

This was followed by a K50,000 assistance for staff accommodation.

People living in the nearby communities including Omai primary school teachers and students expressed appreciation saying the health centre provides an important service.

Previously, people had to travel to the Catholic Church-run Buiyebi sub health centre or further on to Mendi or to Kaupena health centre and Mt Hagen general hospital.

Henzy Yakam