Muthuvel: Enquiry into the country’s HIV and Aids status

Chairman of the Special parliamentary Committee on HIV and AIDS Sassindra Muthuvel says they have passed a resolution to conduct an inquiry into the status of HIV and Aids in the country.

Muthuvel says the direct and side effects of HIV and Aids are felt at all levels of society and as such his committee will be visiting all provinces.

He is appealing to all governors to support his committee's work when the inquiry begins.

The committee will visit selected provinces in the four regions.

“This is a fact finding inquiry on the spread and progressive report on the effect of HIV/AIDS on the general population of the country and more importantly the effectives of the national government’s health delivery system in combating this deadly epidemic,” Muthuvel says.

He says this initiative will help the government consider if current interventions are adequate.

They will be requesting information from relevant stakeholders, and working closely with donor and NGOs.

A date for the inquiry is yet to be set.

Joy Kisselpar