Morobe Province backs YWAM Medical Ships

Morobe Province Governor Kelly Naru has presented a K500,000 cheque on behalf of the Morobe Provincial Government towards MV YWAM PNG.

He is fulfilling a pledge toward operational expenses for YWAM’s training and medical ship.

Governor Naru said the provincial administration is proud of its partnership with YWAM Medical Ships in Morobe Province.

“Morobe is the most populated province in Papua New Guinea. We have thousands of villages in remote coastal and inland areas that are extremely hard to reach.

“We appealed to YWAM Medical Ships to consider coming to Morobe Province two years ago, we needed help in reaching our isolated communities. We are so grateful that they accepted our invitation.  

“The MV YWAM PNG’s capacity to overcome isolation by transporting supplies, equipment and healthcare personnel to some of our province’s hard to reach areas has given our provincial health administration a huge boost.  

“The YWAM team have become much more than partners, but great friends - it is a great encouragement to have allies that are willing to stand with you in the face of some very big challenges.

“The funding given to YWAM Medical Ships this week represents our strong commitment to continue to work in partnership in strengthening health service delivery to our people,” said Governor Naru.

The MV YWAM PNG has recently completed a successful voyage to villages along the Huon Gulf Coastline. In collaboration with 19 Morobe provincial health workers, 5,954 people received healthcare and training in 28 villages over just 10 clinic days.

Field activities included 5,845 immunisations, 431 dentistry procedures and 132 sight-restoring eye surgeries. 

One of the patients that received eye surgery included a 17 year-old boy, Bray Bungewa, who regained his sight after being completely blind for the last two years.

YWAM Medical Ships managing director, Ken Mulligan, said the Morobe Provincial Government’s support has enabled them to help people like Bray.

“When someone transforms from being completely blind and dependent on others, to being able to see again - it reminds me again why we do this. This great result was much more than just receiving sight - Bray’s life has been restored, he has freedom and independence - he plans to return to school.

“It is our partnerships that make incredible outcomes like this possible. We are very grateful for Governor Naru’s strong leadership and support.

“The involvement of like-minded partners like Morobe Provincial Government is what helps us both go from strength to strength - together we can overcome the impossible,” said Mulligan.

Since 2015, YWAM Medical Ships have delivered 31,342 medical services valued at over K2.5 million in Morobe Province.

After a very successful five-month deployment throughout the Southern Region and Huon Gulf, the MV YWAM PNG set sail for her home-port, Townsville, yesterday. 

During her time in Townsville, MV YWAM PNG will undergo further renovations as a part of Stage III of her refit before she returns to the Southern Region and Huon Gulf in October for a seven-month deployment.

Other major supporters of YWAM Medical Ships recent voyages includes PNG National Government, Puma Energy, InterOil, Steamships Trading Company, Milne Bay, Central and Western Provinces, PNG Ports Corp, Swire Shipping and Australian Aid.

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