Media exposure vital for athlete development

Sports coaches in Papua New Guinea are urged to help athletes build confidence to address the media, which plays a big role in their development.

FIFA coach and member of the FIFA technical study group, Vera Pauw, said coaches must give athletes the confidence to be themselves and say what they think in a positive way.

Pauw explained that when athletes are exposed in the media, the publicity gives them confidence and develops them not only in their sporting career but education and professional careers as well. 

She said the coach must lead by example by being open to the media and contribute positively on behalf of the team.

“Coaches must always be positive as they need the media and the media needs them.

“What you say as a coach reflects on your team.

“If you want your players to get work opportunities later in life and to have self confidence in getting further college or university education, the first thing you need is be positive.”

Pauw stressed that when the team gets in front of the camera, they get to inspire others as well.

She said at her last coaching job in South Africa, media exposure for her team immediately led to about 90 percent of the players getting jobs or going on to study.

“You will not get that if you’re grumpy towards the media.

“In my experience, the usual media training for the players doesn’t really help but the coach plays a big role in preparing them gain confidence to be in front of the camera.”

She also encouraged journalists to report facts and the truth and never to be biased.

Pauw was among a diverse range of FIFA speakers at a recent workshop for local female sports journalists, hosted by the Women in News and Sport (WINS) program in Port Moresby.

WINS hosted the workshop in conjunction with the recent FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup 2016.

Quintina Naime