Lights, dance and camaraderie graces Pom’s night life

Party goers in the nation’s capital will be presently surprised to find a new twist to Armani night club’s revitalised night atmosphere on offer.

The notoriously exciting night club under new management is seducing party goers with its new light and dance and themed shows.

New manager Justin Ting says that the club is making a comeback in terms of transforming its look and finding an edge into the night life in the capital city.

PNG Loop took a look back stage at the night clubs show rooms and was surprised to see stocked to the ceiling costumes as well as fully out kitted lights and the works.

Ting says the new look Armani aims to leave its customers breathless after experiencing its loud and colourful atmosphere.

There are three night shows, starting at 10pm, 12 midnight and a wrap up show at 2am to close up the night’s activities.

Also on hand is the energetic and fresh master of beats DJ Travy who can now be found working his set from Thursday through to Saturday.

The night club has in place a new dress code to lift up the standard of the place, while Ting says they are working on setting up a more updated arrangement of the floor set up.

He says that the club aims to bring in a more intricate  lighting  system along with the introduction of video DJ displays so that party goers can watch the spin magicians like DJ Travy at work in the booth.

Ting says that Armani is recreating  its new  “hook and reel in” atmosphere  in the night scene of Port Moresby with the aim to transform the party scene into more than just a dance and drinking experience but rather an experience of light and sound all in one.


Pictures courtesy of the Armani VIP Club page on FB

Julianna Waeda