Lae police will allow Unitech students to carry out awareness

Lae Police have agreed to let the University of Technology (Unitech) students carry out an awareness campaign at the Eriku Oval.

Lae metropolitan police commander Anthony Wagambie Junior says his office has been in dialogue with the student leaders of Unitech and has approved the request for the students to hold the awareness campaign, set to start at 11am tomorrow (Wednesday).

Wagambie says the awareness meet, scheduled to end at 2pm, is a result of ongoing talks between police and student reps as of last Monday.

He further praised the students, adding that they have been cooperating well in this current issue, avoiding any form of violence or disorder in the community.

Wagambie approved the awareness based on this and has also advised the students of certain issues that maybe contemptuous if mentioned in public.

This decision is in light of growing tension which may erupt if the police continue to have the students on lockdown in the campus, he stated.

Meantime, Wagambie stressed that this is not a protest march.

By 2pm, all students should be at the campus, adding that there will be no walking, students will be transported on vehicles under police escort.

Wagambie also clarified that this is not a public forum therefore only student leaders will conduct awareness and no one else, meaning that no outsiders or concerned members of the public, politicians, aspiring politicians or community leaders will be allowed to talk.

Police also warn opportunists that all police manpower in Lae will be utilised for the duration of this campaign, hence they will not allow any disruptions to business in Lae City.

All Lae residents have been urged to go about their normal business as the awareness will be held at Eriku and will be guarded by police.

They will also be out in full force around the city to deter anyone or groups of people who want to take advantage of the situation and loot or damage properties.

The students have arranged and will announce the handing of the petition, most likely to the Morobe Governor and Wagambie.

“My business is to maintain public safety and that is what police in Lae is doing, I expect the same cooperation from the student body,” Wagambie adds.

Julianna Waeda