Judiciary told to return to basics

Members of the PNG Judiciary have been told to return to basics this year and spend more time in court to deliver service to the people.

This was the message of the Country's Chief Justice Sir Salami Injia during the opening of the 2016 Legal year service.

Sir Salamo said today's opening marks the commencement of the next 40 years of delivering justice to the people of Papua New Guinea and joint effort is needed by members of the judiciary as well as the joint forces to ensure the rule of law is felt in the country.

He said the only way the Country will move forward is for agencies to get the basics right.

"Spend more time in court where Justice will come. If the court room is empty no service will be delivered. You have to go where your customers are for service to be delivered.There are far too many deferrals and adjournment,"

He said Justice must be done and must be seen to be done.

"We must return to basics and get the basics done. We know them but forget them and chose to ignore them," He said.

The 2016 Legal Year was opened this morning by Judges, Magistrates, Lawyers and Judiciary staff. Memebers of the disiplinary force consisting of the the PNG Defense Force, Royal PNG Constabulary and the Correctional Service led a March this morning before a service was held at the Living Light Four square Church at Kaugere. 

Sally Pokiton