Jacksons Airport police boosted

The airport police will be getting an additional boost to their man power and logistics thanks to NCDC who have agreed to appoint reservists and a vehicle to help them attend to “Buai Ban” infringements at Jacksons airport.

Buai or betelnut is a narcotic and when it is chewed with “Daka” or mustard mixed with “kambang” or lime which is burnt from coral or sea or water shells, it puts the chewer on a “high”.

NCD BuaI Ban Director Paul Komboi made the announcement earlier this week when speaking to PNG Loop about steps taken with the issue of passengers smuggling in buai and daka into the capital city.

Komboi says that the Buai Ban in the city has seen many vendors and wholesalers of the  substance devise other ways and means to transport in the illegal contraband.

He says that in the past month alone, there haves been more than 200 Daka or mustard bags taken in from airports alone, more than what is taken from the streets.

One 10kg bag retails at between K1000 to K2500 depending on how the daka or mustard is broken then sold, this is a lucrative market that many people are now going into.

Komboi says that while they understand and sympathise with people trying to make a living, these vendors should look at other less illegal means to go about making a living.

He says that buai or betelnut sales is not the only produce that can be sold to make money.


Jullianna Waeda