Imbonggu poultry farmer sees success

A poultry farmer in Imbonggu district of Southern Highlands Province (SHP) says people should not wait and expect their members of parliament and government to do everything for them.


Currently, the only successful egg farmer on small to medium business basis in the SHP, Resi Kupa said instead, people should use their resources well to grow more food crops and start livestock projects to earn money.

Kupa told of his egg layer project, which he started in January 2013 in a bush material building with three boxes containing 156 layers.

He said the time, effort and hard work he has put is eventually paying off. He currently has 300 layers producing between 16 and 18 dozens of eggs each day.

“This is not big by commercial standards, but I’m helping to supply the local market in Mendi and nearby areas with what I produce.

“With my hard-earned money, I do not waste on unnecessary things but look after my family instead of chasing politicians for free money and hand-outs,” he said.

As well, Kupa acknowledged a K20,000 financial assistance in 2015 from Imbonggu MP, Francis Awesa, that enabled him to replace the old bush material building with a bigger and permanent building.

He said parliamentarians should consider giving more help to farmers, self-starters and others who have initiated projects themselves to expand their activities.

Kupa said in that way, public funds that politicians give as free hand-outs would be directed to productive and worthwhile projects instead of paper farmers and others who may not be genuine.

Currently his clients are mainly in Mendi town, including Kiburu Lodge, Mendi Travellers Inn, food bars, local markets and street sellers.


Layer farmer - Resi Kupa (left) with Imbonggu district DPI advisor Paulus Mosby at SHP’s first poultry layer project at Hulpin village in Lower Mendi LLG area.


Henzy Yakham