How to address gender-based violence

To address gender-based violence (GBV), the country needs strategic framework with clear measurable goals.

Communities are eager to see a greater and more consistent support from the Government.

PNG NCD gender desk representative, Kay Kaugla, says effective management of GBV requires more awareness coming from our youths.

“This along with a range of support services such as emergency, medical services and psychological care, police protection and rehabilitation of the survivors.

“Youths can play a major role in turning the mindset of upcoming ones in the community.”

Kaugla adds that whilst these services are available, there are no links between the service providers and this leads to poor service provision.

To address the issue, campaigns like Sanap Wantaim put together by our city youths, rooting for a safer city for women and girls, encourages our own families and communities to develop their own GBV strategies.

“This can further extend peace and safety for more mothers and daughters,” Kaugla says.

Youths conducting the GBV campaign awareness aim to discourage their peers from harassing women and girls in the community, especially at the main market area, bus stops and on the streets.



Annette Kora