Haoda calls for proper evictions on customary land

Central Province Governor, Kila Haoda, has called on the Government to intervene and address the increasing eviction exercises being carried out in the National Capital District.

He says the current trend of mass eviction is creating a problem for Central Province as more and more people are settling on customary land.

“The Government must prepare land for the people to resettle,”

“Once you chase them out they wont sleep in the air or they wont sleep in the water, they will come to my people’s land,” said Haoda.

More than 90 per cent of Central Province land is customary, however, there are alleged instances of land being acquired through dubious deals or illegally being settled on.

To address this the Central Province Government is in the process of setting up a customary lands office to address all Central Province land related matters.

Central Deputy Governor, Desmond Baira, in addition strongly urged customary landowners from  selling their land cheaply to outsiders.

“Stop selling land!”

“This is your land and for your children in future,” Baira  emphasised.

Haoda said his Government will take up the issue with the Government.

Cedric Patjole