Governor Kila Haoda

Four Central female pilots to start with CASA

In 2014, the four young girls were selected to undergo training at Nelson Aviation College in New Zealand after their training they are now on the streets looking for employment following a failed MOA signed between Central Provincial Government and an airline company for employment did not eventuate. 

However, Provincial Administrator, Gei Raga was overwhelmed yesterday when a Good Samaritan came on board to deliver a contract of employment for the four female pilots at Jackson Airport while farewelling Central students to study in Malaysia.

Government wants LLG elections to be held separately

This is so that many of the Ward and Council Presidents can serve their full five year terms.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said this in Parliament today when questioned by Central Governor, Kila Haoda, over several election matters.

One of the issues was the Ward and LLG Elections and whether it would be held concurrently with the National Elections and or separately.

“Mr Speaker it is important that we separate the two elections so that people can have a focus on the National Elections in 2017.”

Government has not used landowner royalties

This was the message from Minister for Petroleum and Energy, Nixson Duban, following the launching of the process to begin opening of ‘Beneficiaries Clan Accounts'.

Contrary to media publications and allegations that the royalty funds for the landowners have been used by the Government and other state agencies, Duban said the funds awaited the completion of the Ministerial Determination which has been done already.

He said the Government was committed to paying the royalties however, there remained legal cases to be sorted out before certain groups can be paid.

Haoda calls for proper evictions on customary land

He says the current trend of mass eviction is creating a problem for Central Province as more and more people are settling on customary land.

“The Government must prepare land for the people to resettle,”

“Once you chase them out they wont sleep in the air or they wont sleep in the water, they will come to my people’s land,” said Haoda.

More than 90 per cent of Central Province land is customary, however, there are alleged instances of land being acquired through dubious deals or illegally being settled on.

Central Governor condemns attack of tourists

Haoda is deeply saddened and embarrassed, ashamed and angry in the manner in which these innocent, helpless and defenseless people were attacked by few senseless and lunatic people.

He urged the people of Koiari to assist police to bring these lunatics to face the law. 

“Our people and our province’s good name have been tarnished,” Haoda said in a statement.

Haoda added that the Kokoda Track Initiative Committee’s spirit to improve the track, its security and livelihood of our Koiari people has been dampened by these few people and incident.