Customers get free services due to technical issue

Due to power inconsistencies experienced yesterday (April 11), Digicel customers encountered issues with the availability of services for about an hour around mid-day.

In a move to minimise the impact on our customers, Digicel reacted quickly and made a decision to provide free services. Charging for various services was restored over the course of the day and fully restored by mid-night.

Digicel’s speed to react in giving free services brought smiles to many customers’ faces. These free services meant that more of our valued customers were able to stay in touch with their family and friends all over Papua New Guinea.

Digicel’s CEO Maurice McCarthy said the cause of the situation was outside the company’s control but sincerely apologised for inconveniencing customers and hoped that the provision of free services went a long way to addressing this.

“Our customers are always our top priority. Our technical team worked rapidly to minimise the impact of the outage and we made the decision to provide free services for an extended period rather than further impact our customers,” he said.

Digicel would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused during the period with no service availability.

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