925 evacuation centers, distribution of food rations continue in Fiji

The total number of evacuation centers across Fiji continues to decrease.

There are currently 925 evacuation centers in the four divisions.

The number of people living in these centers stands at 55,439.

“We have noted that because of the requests from the Ministry of Education to clear the schools that are currently being habitated as evacuation centers. We are now seeing that overall the numbers are actually going down and we would expect that hopefully by Sunday we should be able to clear the schools so that we can allow the schools to resume normal classes from next Monday” said National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) Director Akapusi Tuifagalele.

Meanwhile, the supply of food rations to all affected areas is work in progress.

Tuifagalele said in the coming days they should be able to provide for all those affected.

He said food packs for the average family is for one month.

There have also been claims on social media of some affected people missed out on the supply of food rations.

“I know some of the divisions what they do, they provide two weeks and after that they follow up with the rest of the two weeks so it is possible that there could be 1 or 2 that have been missed but the target is that by the end of these few days to come we should be able to provide for all those being affected,” said Tuifagalele.

Relief supplies are being airlifted to affected areas that are still not accessible by land.

Relief supplies such as food packs, water, temporary shelters and medical supplies are being transported in air crafts from the Nausori airport.

These have been provided by the Australian, New Zealand and French governments.

80 percent of affected areas have been visited by DISMAC while 20 percent of the remaining areas are not accessible by land.