13 officers complete firearm training

Thirteen NCD and Central police officers of the RPNGC concluded their one-week firearm rehabilitation program training at the Bomana Police Training College today.

The program started on Monday, which saw 12 men and a woman take part in both theory and practical training about the law and the use of firearms.

Training Commandant Perou N’Dranou says this training program will be rolled out to other parts of the country as well.

He says the participants who completed this course are from Central and NCD and are the first batch to redo this rehabilitation program.

The course itself covered the use of firearms, especially under the old program of the use of force. Participants have come to realise how this important program has been overlooked and how human rights are being affected.

N’Dranou says this program should come in stages, starting from level one of training to level five critical training of the use of firearms in all levels of the force.

The program also touched on the use of force in theory and the basic setup of what’s inside the different firearms:How to strip the firearm, the use, accountability and management of the weapon.

“We will continue to provide the right training for the officers in and around the country as to keep these officers focused and know their roles and responsibilities in the work they do out in the field,” N’Dranou says.

Present at the closing to give the officers their certificate was AFP Missioning Commander Bruce Giles and some members of the Australian Federal Police.

The same program will be conducted in Gulf Province next week.


Annette Kora