​Team PNG theme chants released

Team Papau New Guinea has released the words of its theme chants for the public to join in chorus to cheer on the athletes.

The chants will be released to local radio stations and wider media outlets.

People have been encouraged to get behind the chants and support Team PNG achieves its ultimate success.

They were also encouraged to learn the chants and join in the singing as they are cheering during the Games.

Chef de Mission of Team PNG, Richard Kassman was pleased to announce the officially sanctioned Team PNG chants.

 “Team PNG is encouraging schools and communities to learn the chants so at each of our Games venues, the chants will ring out and dominate, pushing all our athletes to optimum performance,” he said.

Chant 1:

U-oh PNG Ohhhhh (x2)

Trupla Kumul blong yu-mi

Stap lo papa-graun

Go, Go Team PNG

Em taim blong yu-mi nau!

Chant 2:


Ka-lap (clap),

Saik up (clap),

PNG em taim blo yu-mi

Ku-mul, Ku-mul i stap we?

Kumul i stap ya

Yu stap, mi stap, PNG stap!

Kumul stap lo fom!

Chant 3:

PNG with all our might,

Black, yellow, red and white,

We will fight and make a stand,

United tribes as one land!

Hoo Haa, Warrior Blood,

Haaa, Hooo, Kumul tru!