​Australia continues support in sports

Australia has continued to support sports in the country through its Pacific Sports Program, which has resulted in the transformation in the lives of people and communities.

Delighted to stand before hundreds of people with disabilities to commemorate their day with sports partners, education programing officer Bervelynne Wangillen, representing the Australian High Commission, said sports plays an important role in communities.

It makes sure that people of all abilities can be active, confident and valued as capable members of their communities.

“Sport has a unique power to transcend barriers and bridge differences.

“Sport has a practical way to inform, engage and influence people and the Australian Government is a great believer in sports’ ability to shape a nation, identity and say something about its shared values,” she said.

Australia has been a leader and a proud partner of sports for development in the Pacific through its Pacific Sports Partnership program (PSP).

Last year, more than 3000 people with disabilities participated in and learned about healthy behaviours and healthy attitudes through sport. Half of them were women and girls.

“This was great because not only did these disabled people gain confidence, strength and make friends but also showed everyone else what great things they are capable,” Wangillen said.

Australia also supports programs in PNG like Hoops for Health Basketball program, Just Play soccer program, GET Cricket program, Niukick AFL program, League Bilong Laif Rugby program and Volley4Change.

“With that, we are proud to say that Australia will continue to support programs like these and help for the growth and development of young disabled people.”





Lamech Jinimbo