Trekkers bring health services to remote areas

Over 200 citizens at the remote borders of Simbu and Madang have received much-needed medical attention as well as made aware of COVID-19.

The Kumura Foundation’s “Travel2Change” COVID-19 rural medical patrol started trekking on Saturday, April 18th, from Mondia Bridge in Simbu to Snow Pass at Bundi, Madang Province.

Their 14-16km trek through a pristine environment lasted for about 8 hours, which saw the 11 trekkers set up their awareness and rural medical clinic at Bundi.

Founder of the Foundation, Vincent Kumura, said from 1pm-5.18pm on Sunday (day 2 of trek), they saw people from two major tribes of Bundi attend: Nombri and Mendi.

“Total attendance at COVID-19 awareness was 187,” he reported. “For the clinic, 38 male patients were treated along with 35 females. A total of 73 patients were treated, including children."

And today (day 3), tasked by Simbu Provincial Health Authority, the team assessed 100 children for immunisation while 260 adults attended their COVID-19 awareness.

“Thank you Katter Janos and Sieland Banda for sponsoring our Digicel units to stay connected with the world from this remote part of PNG," Kumura said. 

“Thank you also to Simbu Provincial Health Authority, Kundiawa-Gembogl District Health Services, Gembogl Health Centre, Denglagu Health Centre, Sir Brian Bell Foundation, Digicel PNG Foundation and all individuals who have supported this worthy cause.”

Laden with medical supplies and awareness materials, the trekkers will work their way towards Lower Jimi at Jiwaka Province then complete their trek around May 2nd at Lower Bundi, Kurumbukari.

(Picture by Kumura Foundation)

Carmella Gware