Training to address domestic violence

The Human Rights Secretariat has organized an intensive training session spanning from February 27th to March 2nd, 2024, at Sivarai Namona, Bomana NCD.

The training was aimed at empowering Village Court officials in implementing the Family Protection Act 2013 (FPA) and tackling issues related to family and sexual violence (FSV).

Day One commenced today, February 27th with the registration of stakeholders overseen.

Discussions throughout the day delved into gender-based violence dynamics, FSV prevalence, and fundamental human rights concepts.

February 28th sessions will revolve around understanding the legislative framework under the Family Protection Act 2013. Participants engaged in discussions concerning domestic violence offences, Family Protection Orders, and interim protection orders, aiming to equip them with a clear understanding of legal procedures concerning FSV cases.

Day three, February 29th will focus on revisiting previous sessions and exploring conditions within Family Protection Orders. Discussions will include counselling, mediation, breach of interim protection orders, and case studies aimed at enriching participants' understanding of enforcement mechanisms in handling breaches.

The training concludes on March 1st, 2024, with sessions highlighting the government's strategy in addressing sorcery accusations and related violence.

Participants will receive insights into the role of Village Courts in preventing sorcery-related violence and the referral pathway mechanism for victims.

The comprehensive training aims to equip Village Court officials with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively address FSV cases and uphold human rights within their communities. The commitment of the Human Rights Secretariat and stakeholders underscores a collective effort to combat domestic violence and promote justice in Papua New Guinea.

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