New Orchid Gardens launched

The Forestry Minister has recently launched the Orchid Gardens at the PNG Forest Authority in Port Moresby.

About K60,000 was spent on the gardens through the sponsorship of various industry participants.

Forestry Minister Douglas Tomuriesa has a background in landscaping.

After being a Minister for the second term, he decided to put his skills into good use by changing the once bushy area of the forest authority into a blossoming garden.

Tomuriesa said his reason behind the beautification program is three-fold.

“Number one is about ourselves. If you don’t have a comfortable working environment, you don’t have a pleasing environment to work in, you’ll never enjoy your life,” he said. 

The second reason is to ensure a green environment for guests to the new Hilton Hotel, which is being built next door.

Visitors will be charged a fee of K20, and the funds will go towards the PNGFA staff welfare fund.

The final factor behind the beautification program is to provide a learning environment for students.

The staff, including those in the forestry industry, have been invited to add to the collection of the garden with flora and fauna.

The gardens are still being worked on, and will be officially handed over to the PNGFA in a few weeks’ time.

(Forestry Minister Douglas Tomuriesa)

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