Manage your networks well: Dr Yala

Final year students from the University of Papua New Guinea have been urged to manage their networks well.

PNG National Research Institute director, Dr Charles Yala, gave the advice whilst addressing research assistants at a certificate awarding ceremony on Monday.

UPNG final year students made up a large portion of the group of 60 research assistants who took part in a survey conducted by the institute last year, to understand the dynamics of the informal sector economy.

In recognising that these students would now be looking for jobs, Dr Yala reminded them that the country is currently going through a critical time.

He said the present economic situation is making jobs scarce.

"The economy is not doing well,” he stated.

"Manage your relationships with your churches, sponsors' expectations and cultural obligations."

Dr Yala further advised students to discipline themselves to be colour blind, to be able to market themselves in PNG.

He said this after making reference to situations where people think they can do whatever they wish to, with the mentality that they will not be fired as a relative of theirs is in a position of authority within the organisation concerned.

"Respect people of different ethnic backgrounds," he added.


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Fiona Silo