Madang youths surrender illegal items

It was a milestone achievement for the Community Policing Unit (CPU) of Ward 10 in Madang Province as they hosted a Youth Surrender ceremony on Sunday at the Meiro Market.

Ward 10 of Madang Urban is one of the notorious areas known for crimes. However, during the Christmas police operations, youths built a CPU centre as a crime prevention measure. This was also to end the ongoing life of being on the run as well as to avoid being victims of eviction. After the operations ended, the CPU’s continued as they saw positive outcomes within the community.

The ceremony saw the surrender of a long-time felon Roger Patron of Sisiak 2, an area known for crimes and a hub for criminals. Roger decided to give himself up after being on the run since 2016 for robbery. He saw the collective efforts by the community to make Ward 10 a peaceful community through the establishment of the CPU and voluntarily turned himself in and joined the CPU.

Ward 10 Law and Order Chairman Hemson Linus Isiro was grateful to the youths who gave up their illegal activities to fight the community's law and order problems.

Police representative Brian Kapi acknowledged Roger and encouraged youths to repent and surrender to live a better and trouble-free life. He also reassured police support if ever they needed assistance with handling cases at the CPU.

Another highlight of the ceremony was the surrendering of illegal weapons and gas bottles for brewing homemade beer.

Lance Joe a CPU youth representative called on other youths who have not joined yet to consider joining the CPU team to strengthen their work and to better their communities.

Ward 10 CPU has three locations, one at Sisiak 2, the other at Meiro market and the third at the Madang Teachers College gate.

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