Induction for Central Province leaders

The Central Provincial Government held a two day induction program for its leaders.

Elected leaders of rural local level government presidents and appointed members of the provincial assembly were in attendance last week in Port Moresby.

Governor for Central, Robert Agarobe, said he was happy with the induction program.

“Since I got in last year, I have had three assembly seatings so far, I was sweating because I had no idea how to conduct my assembly,” Agarobe said.

“I see the Assembly as the highest office or institution in the province, that is where we conduct business for our people and our province, that’s where we legislate, we make laws, we must make the environment conducive for our people, so we deliver better for our people.”

The Governor stated that it was important to understand their roles and responsibilities, hence this induction workshop is not just to pass time and enjoy, but for them to be aware of their roles.

Agarobe also told public servants to do a complete shake up, where they need to start organising themselves and work in unison to provide the much-needed services for their people.

“Central Province is one of the last provinces, we used to be the first and yet now, we are the last province, because of our disorganised attitude, no-care attitude and that must change today.

“The day I got in last year we dedicated this year to awareness, planning, consultation and training, and that’s exactly what I am doing now and by next year, we will be rolling out our programs.

“I want us to be running and I don’t want anybody in the public service in Central Province to be lagging behind, that’s the reason why we are having these kind of trainings and refresher workshops so we know exactly what we are supposed to do,” Agarobe said.

The induction workshop on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th October was facilitated by Parliamentary Services of National Parliament, Department of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs, Salaries and Remuneration Commission and Ombudsman Commission.

Parliamentary Services of National Parliament also ran a mock assembly session chaired by Governor Agarobe during the workshop.  

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