Grant Assistance For Tigak Women

Kavieng District Development Authority (KDDA) Chairman and Member for Kavieng, Ian Ling-Stuckey says the KDDA is committed to assisting women in the Tigak Mainland area with a complete, costed and readily business plan.

This assurance was conveyed at a Community Development Forum (CDF), where the member met with mothers from the East Coast Tigak Mainland Constituency at Kasselok Village, ward 4 in Tikana LLG on Saturday.

He advised the forum that two options were provided by the KDDA to assist women on their journey to become self-reliant. The first option was seed capital provided as a grant and the second option was over K1 million provided to the New Ireland Savings & Loans Society, which would implement loans to micro SMEs to be repaid over time.

Ling-Stuckey also presented K40,000 to the Kasput and K30,000 to the Panakap Mama groups on behalf of the KDDA.

Press Release