Education infrastructure for remote areas

Two remote communities in Central Province were the proud recipients of education projects, thanks to the Digicel PNG Foundation.

Tubu and Kuriva communities from the Kairuku District of Central Province were the proud recipients of an elementary double classroom (Tubu) and a library (Kuriva), funded by Digicel PNG Foundation in their mission to improve education facility standards.

National and supreme court Judge, Justice Stephen Kassman, who calls Tubu home, said that villagers had come together to start up the school after 20 years of not having a school in the Village of Tubu, depriving a whole generation of the community from being educated.

“We are very grateful for the classrooms and I am sure this investment will boost optimism within the community to persevere in pursuing education for our children,” Justice Kassman said.

Judge Kassman highlighted that the school registration process was an arduous one with the Education Department and district education authorities, and he appealed to the Government and the duly elected Central Province MPs to remove administrative roadblocks to development.

Present at the Tubu Elementary classroom launch were Digicel Foundation CEO Beatrice Mahuru, Digicel Foundation Chairman Douveri Henao, Digicel Foundation Board Member Jayleen Morris, the new Central Province Governor Robert Agarobe, Kairuku-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo, UNDP resident rep, Troy Trivedy and CEO of Cheshire disAbility Services, Benard Aiyeko.

CEO Beatrice Mahuru said it was heartening to see Community leaders and members come together to pave a way forward for rural communities who barely have services come their way. She was especially moved by the hospitality at communities.

“We can achieve infinitely more through partnership,” she said, acknowledging those in attendance of the opening of the classroom.

Accompanying the Digicel Foundation team at the Kuriva Library launch were Cardinal Sir John Ribat, Kairuku Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo and the foundation’s Board Member Mea Kasi.

Though 1 – 2 hours outside of Port Moresby, the vastness of the Kairuku District of Central Province meant MPs have been challenged to also stretch their funding to equally deliver basic government services such as Health and Education for the villagers.

Digicel PNG Foundation has invested K2.691 million back into Kairuku District for the construction of 4 primary school double-classrooms, 6 elementary school double-classrooms, 1 rural health aid post at Laloki, a mobile health service for Veifa’a and surrounding areas, 4 libraries and a community learning centre open-air kapa structure.

Central Province as a whole has received K6.331million worth of community development projects from Digicel PNG Foundation.

Established in October 2008, Digicel PNG Foundation has directly invested K77 million in PNG’s rural, remote and socially marginalised communities across all 22 provinces directly impacting over 700,000 people.                                                                                                                                                 

(Board Member Mea Kasi cutting the ribbon of the Kuriva Library, witnessed by Peter Isoaimo and Cardinal Sir John Ribat)

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