DWU Alumni Challenged

The Alumni Association of the Divine Word University (DWU) was challenged to live up to the original purpose of being a graduate of DWU and its Alumni.

Pioneer president of the DWU, Fr. Jan Czuba told the Association members at the launching of the new DWU Alumni Association website on Sunday 13th February at the DWU Port Moresby campus, that they have to take ownership of their Alma Mater and lead with vision and mission.

Speaking as the guest speaker at the launch, Fr. Jan noted on the reflection of the journey of the DWU Alumni in relation to its Alma Mater.

He said: “Divine Word means “Jesus Christ” so studying at DWU makes them to be “Jesus Christ’s disciples, therefore they ought to be people with purpose and mission.

“Jesus is calling on you as a graduate from the university to do something for our country, your community, your children and the future of the country. You are not only to do the traditional way for the alumni supposed to do it. You are called to a bigger task as person who graduated at Divine Word University,” he added.

Fr. Jan noted that different chapters of the association struggle to start and keep going because they are looking for somebody with a title and a high position. He said that was a mistake. 

“As a Divine Word University’s graduate you must believe in yourself as I was telling you many times. You don’t need title, you don’t need position, you don’t need big account in the bank to be true leader in our country.”

Fr. Jan urged the alumni to have a vision, know their purpose of being there and to have the courage to be successful. He said having courage means not to be afraid, even to pay the price as he did.

Looking back 36 years of his involvement in education from primary, secondary, TAFE and higher education, Fr. Jan said he did what he did because Jesus asked him to do and that is to empower the people of Papua New Guinea through education. 

“You cannot develop our economy if people are not educated. You cannot solve our social issues, if our people are not educated,” he said.

Fr. Jan added that the purpose of the Divine Word University is to educate people to be the Alumni of the University that is for them to return to the university and contribute to the administration, faculty and take ownership of it.

Frieda Kana